How to install Aluminum composite panel

How to install Aluminum composite panel

How to install Aluminum composite panel


How to install Aluminum composite panel

Depends on what your intending it to do and what it's composed of. Welding is an option depending on its composition. If welding is not an option as always screws, nuts, bolts and rivets are.

Screws are good when you only have the option of reaching one side. But don't generally work well with high vibration. Or if the panel flexes a lot. Has a tendency to cause the screws to work backwards and loosen.

Bolts are great there's lots of options for permanent and semi-permanent installations. However in most cases unless using inserts (which complicates things) you need to have access to both sides. The panel side and the opposite side of what you're attaching it to. Which isnt always an option.

Rivets can be placed on one side and as with both bolts and screws there are tons of options. And because of the way they're installed can absorb and deal with a lot more Flex, vibration and what not. They come in all range of materials and styles Including water tight and self-sealing. Though they do tend to be a little more on the permanent side as they need to be drilled out to be removed. It's still easier than cutting welds. Case you couldn't tell I tend to lean towards the rivets. Bolts are a pain in the tuckus. And screws tend to have me talking to myself rather loudly.

Little tip for you when you dealing with aluminum. If you're using a braces or handheld cutting tools that includes drills and skill saws design for metal. Always use a coolant of some sort doesn't take a lot. In most cases a little beeswax on the drill bit before you start and if you see it start to warm up or the bit starts to slow down reapply. Same for saw blades, grinding discs, sanding discs. And just about anything else I'll be applied to the aluminum and a high enough speed to generate Heat. It will keep the aluminum from binding to the tool has become softer. It would decrease fabrication time and just generally make your life easier. Also with any kind of finishing or sanding. It will prevent aluminum from binding up in the Sandpaper and leaving visible scratches in your otherwise smooth surface.


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