How to print on Aluminum Composite Panels?
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How to print on Aluminum Composite Panels?

How to print on Aluminum Composite Panels

1. Ensure panel flatness 

    Ensure the substrate is flat and there are no damaged corners,edges or ends. the edges bent, they should be flattened (with a pliers,for example) before loading the sheet.

2.Substrate handling

   Handle samples carefully. It is recommended to use gloves to prevent cuts, and also to avoid fingerprints being left on the  surface. 

   Be aware that if the sample is scratched before printing, the scratch will be  visible after printing.

3. Cut

Cut the sample to the desired    size using a device (table saw,  cutting table…)This process can also be  done after the job is printed.

4. Remove the liner

If the substrate has a protective film,peel itoff from the print surface, leaving the other side protected until finishing, or installation of the finished graphic.

5.  Clean

After the protective film is removed, dust particles may adhere to the print surface.  Remove any dust particles by  wiping the surface with an

anti-static cloth.anti  static cloth is not available, use a 90% isopropyl

alcohol / 10% water solution with a lint free cloth and wipe the print surface. Let it dry before printing.