What are the benefits of using Maikesen® Aluminum composite panels?
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What are the benefits of using Maikesen® Aluminum composite panels?

Aluminum composite panels are constructed of two aluminum panels fixed to a non-aluminum core for durability. 

They are often used in modern architecture and signage. Also known as ACPs, these sleek tablet apps offer consumers an affordable solution with a sleek, modern look.

There are many advantages to using ACP. Let's explore them below.


Thanks to its mix of metal and plastic, ACP is durable, weather-resistant and stain-resistant. The three-layer sandwich panel design provides a solid barrier, 

allowing consumers to enjoy reduced sound from the external environment. The panels retain their shape and size even when the weather changes drastically, 

making them ideal for areas with harsh seasons. Additionally, ACP is corrosion resistant, ensuring consumers can enjoy these benefits for years to come.


Aluminum composite panels are one of the most economical materials on the market. With a low initial cost and long-lasting durability, ACP saves homeowners money from the start.

 They are also proven to provide high-quality thermal comfort, leading to further savings on energy and gas bills.

Safer choice

Since aluminum does not burn, ACP offers a fire resistant exterior option. Product will melt when exposed to temperatures of 650°C or higher. 

However, it does not emit fumes and gases that may be harmful to residential occupants or the environment.

Worry-free maintenance

ACP allows for hassle-free maintenance, maintaining the look and feel of your structure longer than any other product. To remove dirt and dust, simply wipe with a clean cloth.

Flexibility in color selection

Many building materials limit consumers to a few color options. Since aluminum composite panels are available in a variety of colors,

 buyers no longer need to choose the closest alternative to their desired color. ACP can even replicate the texture of natural stone, wood and metal.

Aluminum composites offer a safer and more economical alternative to traditional cladding materials. 

This increasingly popular choice offers good dimensional stability at an affordable price. Whether renovating your home or building it from scratch, 

consider Maikesen® ACP for your next project. They could be the perfect solution!

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