Maikesen® PE aluminum composite panel
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       Aluminum Composite Panels, abbreviated as ACM Panels or ACP, refer to two long aluminum panels that are held together using a non-metallic ce  (usually a plastic PE Aluminum Composite Panel). The fire center (FR) is a panel with fire retardant glue bounded by two slender sheets of aluminum.  The improved covering is applied to the outside of the item as an activated surface, and then plastic film is glued on to secure the surface.

      The two aluminum layers are firmly reinforced throughout and the inner polyethylene center stands for resistance and non-bending properties. In addition, PE coating makes the surface more smooth and flat. Also, it improves the atmosphere and other effects of the opposition. Accent polyester PE aluminum composite panel covering uniquely applied to the front of the panel. This is done to provide the most extreme security without compromising the inner center and sheet of the panel.

PE aluminum composite panel

PE aluminum composite board

PE plastic aluminum composite sheet

These are the main highlights of Polyester PE Aluminum Composite Panel projects:


The thickness variation of polyethylene core aluminum-plastic panel products is comparable to that of other aluminum-plastic panels. It follows standard thickness rules for estimating panels of 3, 4, 5 and 6 mm. Thickness transforms from brand to logo and allows different uses of PE panels under various conditions and uses such as inclination. 

The width of these PE Aluminum Composite Panel products ranges from 1000 mm to 1750 mm, for example from 39 3/8 inches to approximately 69 inches.This element makes the panel very adaptable, flexible, useful and strong, as it fulfills the prerequisites for personal use and structural architecture, modern and different employments.Furthermore, the standard lengths of these composite panels are also fluctuating and adaptable. Lengths vary from 2440mm to 5800mm.

This further broadens the field of use of PE aluminum composite panels, as they can be used in various structures.


Polyester (PE) is a material that creates a flawless finish when mixed with alkyd resin and gloss sponge. This component is critical to the properties of composite panels.Therefore, polyethylene aluminum core aluminum composite panel is a high-quality composite material product that can be used in many occasions, and its application field is very wide.

Highlights and applications:

Polyester (PE) cladding sheets have excellent properties and they have been the one of choice for quite a long time and in all circumstances.

This is especially evident with the introduction of climate-safe panels, for example outside or in sticky and cold atmospheres. Properties such as toughness, climate adaptability, quality, sound insulation, warmth retention, fire resistance, and salt resistance make polyester PE aluminum-plastic composite panels an extraordinary product.

It should be noted that the production process of polyethylene center aluminum-plastic composite panels is quite fast, simple and effective. This makes the whole process simple and modest.

In the last few years, various types of polyester (PE) clad aluminum composite panels have gained popularity in different areas of use both inside and outside. 

The way PE aluminum composite panels allow various alternatives with reliable highlights represents a greater interest in PE cladding panels in different situations.Due to their excellent physical and mechanical qualities, polyester (PE) cladding panels are used today in building cladding, contemporary uses,interior beautification, roofing, distribution, boards and signs, among others. The reason behind such an excellent performance, especially in interior applications, is the way PE aluminum composite panels come in a variety of colours, as well as adjusted examples and designs. That's why they use PE aluminum-plastic panels inside, especially kitchens and rooms are normal.In the end, there are features and reasons why polyethylene centered aluminum composite panels are indistinguishable from other types of aluminum composite panels,and PE coatings offer greater flexibility in terms of use and material.