Dry-hanging Maikesen® aluminum composite panel construction technology
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Dry-hanging Maikesen® aluminum composite panel construction technology

Dry-hanging Maikesen® aluminum composite panel construction technology

①. The setting-out work is carried out according to the actual center line and elevation point of the civil engineering; the design of the veneer is based on the axis of the building. 

      The aluminum composite panel skeleton is composed of horizontal and vertical pieces. Anchor points for vertical members are determined.

②. Install and fix the connecting parts. On the basis of setting out the wires, use electric welding to fix the connecting parts. 

      The connectors are welded and fixed to the embedded parts on the main structure. 

      When no embedded iron parts are buried on the main structure, expansion bolts can be drilled on the main structure to fix the connecting iron parts.

③. Install the skeleton. Install the skeleton by welding. Check the elevation and the position of the center line at any time during installation. 

      At the same time, treat the joint welds of the cross-section with anti-rust paint, and fix the joints for concealed inspection.

      Records include the length, thickness, and position of the joints. Set elevation, quantity, embedding depth.

④. Install the aluminum composite panel on the inner frame of the profile, first tap and mill the screw holes, 

      and fix the aluminum composite panel finish on the steel frame piece by piece with rivets; the gap between the plates is 10-15 mm and then inject silicone Weather-resistant sealant;

      it is strictly forbidden to remove the packaging paper before the installation of the aluminum plate, and tear off the packaging protective film before the completion of the project;

      construct according to the direction indicated by the arrow of the aluminum composite panel.